Seattle, Washington based group, Longstride is the best new band set to explode onto the music scene. Longstride equals Reggae-Rock-Groove with real melodies and amazing execution with a ‘High energy, crowd moving’ stage show.  Longstride has emerged with a unique and distinctively lyrical Reggae-Rock-Groove identity. Their debut album “Days Like These” exhibits the breadth, power and soul of the band’s sound. 

 Longstride is comprised of members who have played and toured separately from Hawaii to LA, Alaska and all over the Northwest. Longstride began performing in August 2012, their first show was opening for The Los Lonely Boys and they have since been packing out clubs from Seattle to Tacoma, Everett, Olympia and beyond!

“upbeat traditional reggae, with harder rock and some surf thrown into the mix. This four-piece includes a singer with a sweet, gravelly tone who can croon with the best of them”

-Holly Homan (East Portland Blog)

Members: Jamie Love, Jason Shavey, Blayne Lewallen, Bryan Jones and Max Watters


9 thoughts on “Longstride”

  1. Longstride is a great energy, awesome music always going for it Band, they’re awesome and always a great show. Real down to earth people. My whole family loves them all, a show worth seeing, fun times for sure!!

  2. We just saw your show at the Independence Park. We really enjoyed the show. I hope you enjoyed the chips and salsa. We will look forward to seeing you in Seattle. By the way thanks for the CD we already have it on. Did you hear it as we left the part in our vehicle. LOL

    The Ruiz’s

  3. Got married in Mexico and Last December was our wedding song. You guys are awesome, We’re from LI, NY wish you guys toured closer! We’d love to see you live. Cheers!!

  4. Dear members of Longstride,

    Do you guys have anything going on December 17th, 2017? Are you guys up for a show with Power Laces and Interstate 90 at The Charleston Theater over in Bremerton, Washington that day? The guy said we’ll get 80% of the door to split up between the bands and they’ll use the other 20% to kick down to the sound guy? The guy also said they can the music at 7:45 p.m. and have the last band play at 9:45 p.m.. Feel free to contact me at rickytgross@gmail.com.


    Ricky Gross

    P.S.- This is the website for Power Laces and Interstate 90’s Facebook page:



  5. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing this band at the Ruston Point music series. They’re the realest of a real deal band!! A major record label would be a fool not to sign this band!! I gave them some advice, don’t change a thing and always be true to yourselves!! I took a picture of and with this band. It’s rare to find and hear a band that compliments each others sound!!! This band will go very far, sky’s the limit!!

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